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Derek was in his attic going through his old things from his days as a bachelor. It had been a while since he had done any kind of spring cleaning and dust had made its home atop of all of his old memories.

Taking the cover off one of the dust-covered boxes, Derek peered inside at some old character sheets from his days of playing Dungeons and Dragons. Terrible names like Nimblefoot, Brightleaf and Orcsblood could be made out as he flipped his way through the pages.  He gave a nostalgic sigh as he sorted the papers and put them back into the box.

His mind wandered to the times when he and his friends would sit around the table, having adventures through their characters. How they would hatch plans, slay monsters and save the world. A place where his mid-life doldrums were never addressed, where making it day to day just meant having adventure, gaining experience and being important to all those around him.  

For Derek, however, reality had a far more sinister design than most.  As he turned about, his elbow knocked over an old prop from one of the D&D games. With a crash that resounded through the attic, it hit the ground, causing Derek to cuss.

With care, Derek hoisted up the now dented lamp and smirked. The top had become jarred and it clung loosely to the clasp that had once sealed it.

"How long have you been here?" He asked no one in particular before using his long sleeve to polish off some of the dust.  He waited for a moment, as if expecting some kind of genie to appear, but the pewter lamp did nothing. It's surface was now only partially covered in dust. Derek gave a light laugh and popped open the old top, revealing a handful of dice that had been stored inside.

"Wonder whose these were?" Derek examined the dice closely - small sparkles of metal and semi-transparent, the dice seemed to have some form of dense liquid within. On a whim, he dumped the dice out into his palm.

"If only life were as easy as rolling a skill check." The dice clattered against the cardboard top of the old D&D campaign setting, all the face values of the dice stopping on their respective maximums. There was a strange puff of smoke and the room's atmosphere changed. Derek waved a hand in front of his face to remove the strange blueish purple smoke from his sight.

As the smoke cleared, before Derek stood a scantily clad woman who had a veil across his face and wore clothing akin to what genies in the Monster Manual would be wearing - that is to say, very little and some of it semi see-through.

"I am the spirit of the dice." Proclaimed the woman as she eyed Derek over and curtsied.

"You're what?" Derek was in shock as he eyed the almost naked, beautiful woman before him who in turn cleared her throat.

"The spirit of the dice. You freed me from the lamp and by the roll of the dice, allowed me the pleasure of offering you anything you wished." Explained the woman as she remained poised before the middle-aged man.

"So, you have the ability to change reality? Like wishes in D&D?" Derek boggled at the possibilities as the words left his mouth. It didn't make any sense.

The woman sighed internally and flourished a hand. In a wispy haze, the room disappeared and, rather than being in an attic, the two were seated in an inn - much like one Derek's old DM would have described, but it was void of anyone but the two.

"Yes. I can alter your reality; Help you escape the life you currently live. Even allow you to reverse the ravages of time" The woman stated before snapping her fingers, which forced the world to return to the attic view they had been in a few moments ago.

Derek's mouth was agape at the woman's words. "So...theoretically, if I wished to be the all-god of the universe...?"

The spirit of the dice smiled, "You would say, 'I wish to be the all-god of the universe', roll the dice and if fortune favoured you, it would be so."

Derek paused, "What if fortune didn't favour me?" he asked as the spirit shrugged

"Then you would be the all-god of a universe filled with people who didn't believe in you and you would have no power over them." The woman explained as Derek pondered the possibilities.

"So, if I were to wish for a delicious cherry pie and rolled badly...?" He prompted as the woman smiled

"A cherry pie would appear and fall to the floor, preventing you from enjoying it properly. It really depends on how bad of a roll you make." The spirit explained as she crossed her arms.

"Are you willing to give luck a chance and bind your fate to the dice? The woman asked impatiently

Derek teetered on his toes as he thought carefully about it. His current prospects weren't that great. His job situation was in the gutter. There wasn't really much to lose, especially if he was careful with his wording.

"Alright!" Said Derek as he scooped up the dice. "What's the worse that can happen?"

The woman smiled at Derek before flourishing a hand, causing a table to materialize before him.

"I wish that I lived in a world like the one my friends and I used to play; With dragons, orcs, warriors, treasure and adventure!" He exclaimed as he threw the dice down on the table.

All the dice but one locked onto the table, refusing to roll. Only the d4 moved about freely.  As it came to its end, the number 4 having been the final number.

The spirit smiled and with another flourish, the inn that they had been transported to re-appeared about the two of them - now filled with dwarves, elves, humans, gnomes and halflings, all of whom were talking amongst themselves in glee.

"You have 5 more rolls." Came the voice of the spirit as she snapped her fingers, the entire world freezing in place as Derek looked around, mentally ecstatic for the world about him.

"This is amazing!" Said the man as he squatted in front of a dwarf and examined the beard of the individual.

"Now that you've begun, you must roll all of the dice." The spirit said as Derek nodded and returned to the table, scooping up all the dice but the D4, which refused to move.

"Alright. So far, so good. I want there to be some evil out there that I am to defeat. I want to be a chosen one of some note." Derek said as he rolled the dice, this time only the d6 moved about.  It clattered against the table and ended upon a 4.

"It is done. The overlord Grel'akin rules over the north and is a threat to the kingdoms. You, Derek are the chosen one to defeat him."  Came the spirit as Derek mentally winced.

"Derek doesn't really fit for such a hero." Complained the man as the spirit pursed her lips and looked at the d8 on the table.

"Then why not change your name?" offered the spirit as Derek smiled.

"Sure! Okay. I want to be an elf, maybe a rogue, or some charismatic class. A real head turner, you know? People gravitate towards me kinda thing!" The dice were loosed upon the table again, but this time, the d8 clattered to a 2

"What does that mean?" Derek hesitated before wincing at the sudden enveloping of purple and blue fog. It rolled around his body, concealing him completely from view as the magic altered him.  His hair grew long and shifted its colour to platinum as his body slimmed. Elven features began to morph into his face as the tips of his ears elongated. His frame shifted and in an instant, the smoke cleared, leaving a rather perplexed and incredibly female elf standing before the spirit.

"What did you do?" came the new, high pitched and melodious voice of Derek who immediately grasped at her throat.

"Fortune did not smile upon you. While you are still an elf with a very high charisma -" The spirit said as Derek looked down at herself, seeing that her chest was now sporting cleavage in a tight little corset. "you will still be a head turner and people will 'gravitate' towards you, but not as you had originally intended."

"So, I'm a female elf rogue?" Quizzed Derek as the Spirit shook her head.

"No, you area female elf bard name Ell'alen." Derek frowned and crossed her arms. "That's a stupid name, I'd prefer the name Ell'alen." She said before opening her eyes in confusion.

"You must remain in character, Ell'alen. The name Derek is not of this world and as such, any attempt you make to say it will result in using your new name.

Ell'alen frowned, her elven features still beautifully sculpted, even with the sore look on her face.

"You must finish your rolls, Ell'alen." The spirit said as the d10 magically appeared in the elves petite, slender hands.

"I don't wanna be a chick." Ell'alen protested as he spirit tilted her head.

"You cannot undo a roll. You can merely continue. You are now Ell'alen, elven bard of notoriety. Chosen one to defeat Grel'akin. Perhaps you would like to -"

"I wish I had shape-shifting powers." Ell'alen proclaimed as she tossed the d10 onto the table defiantly. It bounced across the table and stopped on the number 5

With a curtsey, the spirit snapped her fingers and a swirl of purple and blue mist whipped its way from her hands and into Ell'alen's body. It rippled across the elf's skin until it ceased.

"There." Ell'alen said as she forced her body to shift, becoming that of a busty red-head, still dressed in the clothes of her elven form.

"I wanted to be a man!" Protested the now buxom wench as the spirit shook her head.

"A five is merely enough to allow you to alter your appearance, not your sex. You have unlimited forms now - all as a woman." The spirit mocking tone made Ell'alen scowl.

Ell'alen scoffed as her body returned to its Elven shape. It was at this point that Ell'alen began to become vindictive.

"Fine, if I'm stuck like this, you're going to have to be, too!" Ell'alen said as she scooped up the d12 and rolled it onto the table while talking, "I wish you were my sexy, submissive slave that had to do everything I say!"  The d12 rolled and stopped immediately at a 1.

"W-wait, I-" Ell'alen's voice stopped as a swirl of mist encircled her, leaving a collar on her neck that glowed with eldricth runes. The spirit, on the other hand morphed into a powerful-looking man with rippling muscles and a loin cloth. His flowing hair and tiefling appearance made Ell'alen blush as she recoiled a little at his towering size.

"H-how did -?" Ell'alen's voice lost itself in her throat as the spirit stepped forward and placed a finger to his Ell'alen's lips. "Shh. The spirits were unkind. I am your sexy, dominating master and you are now my slave that must do everything I say."

"I'd sooner bang an orc!" Ell'alen defied the spirit who stood before her.

"That can be arranged, if you wish. For now, why don't you use your new found shape shifting powers to exaggerate some of your assets - like the characters on this book?" The spirit asked coyly as he raised a copy of a campaign setting where the woman on the cover was wearing a rather revealing chainmail bikini that barely covered the female's enormous chest.

"There is no way that I-" Came Ell'alen's voice before the realization of the automatic response of her body began to obey her master's order. With a rippling of flesh, her proportions changed. Large, CC cups strained the fabric of her tunic, lifting it to show her midriff. Her ass plumped outwards and her striped pants only accented the new found, exaggerated curves.

"Y-you can't just make me do things!" Complained Ell'alen as the spirit sighed. "You made the wish and rolled poorly. The magic has granted me the power of you that you had wanted over me."

"If that's the case, why aren't you a sexy woman?" The elf asked, crossing her arms and raising her tightly-enveloped breasts as she did so.

"You had wished for me to be sexy. As per Ell'alen, the elf bard, this form would be the most desirable." The spirit said as it stepped forward and Ell'alen scoffed. "I'm Ell'alen, and I can assure you, spirit, that I am not attracted to you one bit as a hunky man."

"I would prefer if you addressed me as your master from now on." The spirit said as Ell'alen narrowed her brow at the tiefling.

"To hell with you, Master!" she said before pausing. "Master!? Why am I stuck calling you that?!" Ell'alen demanded before her master smiled and pressed a finger to her lips.

"Because you must do as I say. I had been kept in those dice for centuries. Now let us return to the matter at hand, Ell'alen. Your final wish."

"I refuse to roll your trick dice!" came her defiance as her master merely stood before her and clasped her hands around the die.

"You will roll this die and when you do, you will say: "I wish I, Ell'alen, will be forced to stay in character with regards to the dice and that I will react accordingly to what the character Ell'alen would do."

Ell'alen's face was conveyed her displeasure, but her body refused any command she gave to stop. The die rolled and the words escaped her lips and as the d20 began to slow, Ell'alen sealed her eyes tightly - she did not want to see what the dice had decided.


The well endowed elven minstrel sat, playing her lute professionally while in the centre of the tavern's common room. Her voice, melodic and well practised filled the patrons with her song as she strummed her strings to the beat of the tune. As she finished, people about her applauded and cheered. She bowed gracefully before moving towards the bar's exit.

Now that she no longer had to perform because of some drunken adventurer's high persuade roll, she was of her own free will and she attempted again to leave the premises, only to be stopped by the hand of a man on her shoulders who stumbled into her from his botched streetwise roll.

"Oh, pardon me!" Ell'alen said, the words forced from her mouth as she smiled charismatically. She didn't want to apologize, she wanted to throw the man to the ground and run, but such was the personality type of Ell'alen.

"Ell'alen!" came a commanding voice and the elven maiden looked up immediately to view the well-dressed form of her master. "Take this patron to his room and make sure he is properly taken care of."

Ell'alen internally cursed at the spirit, but her face was that of gratitude and serenity. "Yes, master." Ell'alen said with a smile as she helped the poor human to his feet and walked him up the stairs.

The familiar sensation of her ass being squeezed registered as Ell'alen screamed internally, he had intercepted her on purpose and now she would -.

"I hear you were a prodigy among the elves?" The man asked as Ell'alen smiled bubbly, her breasts bouncing with every step up the stairs, the knowledge that the drunk had rolled incredibly well on his perform skill to act drunk was only now becoming apparent to Ell'alen, but still she could not fight her character's personality.

"How did you know that?" She asked, her tone indicating she was completely oblivious to the drunk's motives, he motioned for her to come closer and she obeyed with curiosity.

The man leaned in close and whispered into Ell'alen's ear as a trail of magic entered her mind, defeating her characteristically low will defence. The words only a patron who had purchased her speciality would be given for the night.

The elven lass looked to the man as lust began to take hold of her body. "Master did say you were to be properly taken care of." She said as the two entered the room. Secretly she hopped this was a hero to take her away from her master, who had heard of the magically alluring elf and had vowed to rescue her from the clutched of the depraved tiefling bar owner.

Ell'alen pushed the man to the bed and smiled as she shrugged off her attire, unbuckling the straps and allowing her clothes to fall to the floor as she stood before him. Ell'alen internally tried to shut her eyes, tried to force the sight of the man in the bed out of her mind, but her body was far too eager to entertain him, as it had been taught to do.

"What would you like, m'lord?" She asked as her skin rippled across her form, showing a variety of different forms he could choose from.

"I always wondered what it would be like to make love to a buxom, drow love slave." The man said as his hands deftly unbuckled his belt as Ell'alen's form shifted to that of a dark-skinned, large breasted drow.

"As you wish." She said before kneeling before the patron, squeezing her massive breasts together before climbing atop the bed in a sensual fashion before beginning to pleasure him with her tongue.

After all, Derek had never given details about the elf's past - a past the spirit was more than happy to fill in. Now, Ell'alen, professionally trained elven consort was about to roll rather well on her perform check.
Let the dice decide
This story contained nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive materials.

Always be careful when you make a wish. Especially if you're riding on luck.

If anyone has a good cap for this, let me know. I'm terrible at finding pictures of big breasted women, which is hilarious when I think about it.

Mature Content

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Alex sat back on his computer chair, quietly browsing the different sites on the web. A normal everyday night for him, his phone buzzed and he glanced over at it in mild interest.  A text had come in from Adam, there were a lot of exclamation marks, so it must have been something important.

'Did it arrive!!!!!?' was all he saw. Confused, he picked up the phone and texted back, wondering what his friend was on about.

'I saw the truck dropping off a package to your place, I signed you up for the beta'

Alex didn't like the pronoun game, so he was more direct with his next text.

'Signed up for what beta?' He sent via the phone before returning to his browsing for a few moments.

Again, Adam replied with haste.

'Pornsona. I was trying it out and man, is it good. The VR in it is absolutely amazing'

Alex's eyebrows piqued at the name. It sounded like something he would very much be into, so said his recent browsing history and one of the sites he had squirrelled away behind other open windows.

'Brb' he texted before standing up and walking out of his room, destination: Mailbox.

A few minutes passed and Alex returned to the chair with a sizable package.  Placing it down on his bed, which was behind his computer, he picked up the phone. A message from Adam had already been sent.

'Let me know what you think! You'll thank me later!'

Alex smirked. It wasn't the first time Adam had sent him some kind of skin site or pornography, but it definitely was the largest package he had ever received.

Slicing open the tape, Alex pulled out the strange head gear and examined it. It looked somewhat like an Occulus Rift, but it had a few small wires that seemed to be made to rest on the back of the neck. It was domed so, for some reason, but he wasn't really thinking about the aesthetics, rather, he was thinking about how high-tech this thing looked.

"Sweet." He said to himself nodding before pulling out the cables.

The hook-up to his PC was relatively straight forward and the internet install was blazing fast. Within five minutes, he was ready to try out the beta.

Propping the strange device on his head, Alex pressed the button on the side marked 'power' and booted up the game.

The first thing to greet him was the name of the company Transmorphic Entertainment - a new developer, he had never heard of them.

The menu came up for the login - generic enough. Alex created an account and clicked accept on the End User Licence Agreement, but another warning popped up, informing him of the UTTMOST importance of reading the entire document.

Figuring it was just another run-of-the-mill EULA, Alex scrolled down to the bottom and accepted the terms without a care.

With the sign-up complete, the virtual world panned away and Alex found himself in what could only be described as a porn studio. A half-made bed sat beside him, a full-body mirror was in front of him and cameras, lights and an empty director's chair was visible.

"Well, guess that makes sense." He said before glancing at the mirror.

'Make your Pornsona?' It asked

"Sure, why not?" Alex replied, the system blinking to life and the mirror expanding to fill his vision.

A rather close proximity to Alex appeared in front of him, standing naked and on display.

"Oh God! I do NOT want to be looking at my own ass while playing this."  Alex stated before looking around with his head.

A large closet was standing to the right and an option with the gender icons to the left.

Reaching his arm to the left, Alex pressed on the female icon and the avatar simply popped into a female version of himself.

"Better." He said, somewhat aroused by having a naked woman directly in front of him.

"Alright, let's do a bit of work on you, if you're going to be a porn-star, you have to look the part."  Alex said with a grin.

A small tutorial popped up, indicating that the Pornsona's entire body was moldable by his own hands, right down to the softness of the skin.

Alex raised both his eyebrows in surprise. This was a level of detail he wasn't really expecting of a porn game.

Deciding to test it out, Alex went for the most obvious target - the woman's chest. The strange physics behind the sudden expansive growth of the chest made him laugh a little. The large, almost GG size breasts wobbled as he released them.

"Ok, looks like you're pretty changeable, at least." He said before pressing his hands on the chests, the tits immediately responding by shrinking down a few sizes until a hefty pair of D-sized breasts remained.

"Hrm..." said the amateur sculptor as he tilted his view to the side. "Never really was a fan of black hair." He stated before reaching up and tapping the hair, unsure of what would happen.

Sure enough, as his finger touched the hair, it swapped to an auburn brown, then to a blonde, then to a strawberry and further into red until it looped back to black.

"Hrmm, guess they haven't programmed in artificial colours."  Alex said, somewhat disappointed.

"Alright, how about blonde? They say they're more fun, anyhow."  The model responded to his taps and the hair returned to it's sun-kissed blonde look.

Alex browsed through the multitude of hair styles, from shaved heads to Farah Faucet displays that looked like they belonged on the History channel.  Eventually, he went with a more Pamela Anderson style of unkempt, wavy hair.

Next he went on to the face and found that a few swirls of the finger changed the ethnicity. Having always been one to have a thing for petite Asians with large busts, Alex selected that option and adjusted the face to have near-perfect cheekbones, a tiny mouth, stereotypically slanted, yet voluminous eyes and a pair of delicate, but plump, lips.

"Not bad. I'd whack-off to her." He stated with a bit of a laugh before rotating the model around to see the ass.

"I wonder how big I can make these." He said with a chuckled before placing his hands on the inanimate virtual woman's ass and backing up.  The ass plumped up to a ridiculous level and the body type shifted to accommodate, gaining weight in all the areas accordingly.

"Hrmm... That is a lot of junk in the trunk." Alex said with a snicker before pushing the mannequin's ass cheeks back down to a more acceptable level. The ass was nicely rounded out and had some cushioning, enough for the little porn star to be well rounded in any silhouette.

"Ok, that's pretty good, how about voice?" He asked. The game responded in kind with the model closing its eyes a little and saying 'oo' in a stereotypical Asian pitch.

"Hrmmm, let's see, how do I mess with this?"  Alex asked as he leaned forward, the model automatically opening its mouth and speaking in an even more high-pitched voice, even stating 'Yata!', this time.

"No. Let's avoid that, I'd prefer something that just sounds of pure sex." Alex said as the model's mouth closed for a moment and responded.

"Hey, big boy." It said with not a single inflection of the ethnicity of the body in a low, seductive tone.

"Perfect. Alright, now how do I get to the whole 'getting it on', part?"

Alex asked, the menu for 'Complete'? Popping up in front of his view.

"Yes." Alex stated before the menu popped up again, this time listing off a list of and personality traits.

"Must be for procedurally generated situations... Alright, let's see."

Alex scrolled through the options, the choice 'nymphomaniac' had been per-selected, which made sense for the whole 'pornsona' aspect.

"Let's see, I need three of these? 'Nympho', 'tease' aaaaaand, oh! Perfect, 'bimbo'!" He stated, his hand selecting the three and confirming.

The annoying 'are you sure' message prompted again and Alex sighed, pushing it away, only to reveal a list of 'skills', specific to the plethora of possible acts in sex.

"Uh, let's increase 'flexibility', lower 'resistance', whatever that is and put some into 'passion'... That should make a pretty good bimbo Asian slut."

He mused before pressing his hand against the accept button, which again showed more warning windows that Alex dismissed.

"Alright, let's do this, show me what you got!"  He said the program popping up a display window, asking Alex if he wished to see the Pornsona in action.

"Fuck yes!" He stated excitedly before the world shifted around him to show his creation standing in a skimpy nurse outfit, playing out a one-side pornography scene as if someone was kissing her neck while taking her from behind.

"Damn, that is hot." Alex said as he gripped his already firm cock and began to masturbate.  The more the pornsona moaned in orgasmic joy, the faster he beat his meat.

In mid stroke, so to speak, a pop-up window requested if Alex was happy with his selection, his free hand waved the window away and he re-focused on his perfect sex-bomb, who was currently spread-eagle before him and clasping her own breast while looking at him and moaning.

Another window popped up, wondering if Alex would like to try out RLS, which was still in its beta stages. Not wanting to cut into his possible climax, Alex simply shouted "Yeah, yeah, shut-up, just go."

Yet another confirmation popped up, stating some kind of legal mumbo-jumbo and an enforced NDA and Alex just immediately clicked on the 'accept' button.

The world around Alex digitized and faded away, much to the dismay of the almost-bursting man.

"No-no-no-no! come back!" He said before letting out a sigh and releasing his already engorged cock.

"Fuck, where did my pornsona go?" He asked, but something sounded wrong, he blinked and spoke again, the sound within the echoing darkness sounding akin to his pornsona's selected voice.

"Ohhhh! I get it, I get to be in eyes of the pornsona. Well, no problem, I'll just go back to the character screen." He stated with pride, but the doorway didn't reappear and the porn studio remained out of view, only a small progress bar showed, barely passed the 1% mark.

"Great, I have to wait until it renders that bitch? Whatever, I'll go grab a soda." Alex said as he reached up to remove the helmet, only to find it adhered to his head.

"What?" He asked in shocked, the voice of his sultry Asian babe ringing in his ears.

"Thank you for taking part in the Real Life Simulator Beta. Your pornsona is currently being uploaded. We would like to take this time to re-confirm that you are under a strict Non-Disclosure Act and that the RLS is still under construction. As such, you may experience some side-effects. Voice modification has been greatly improved since the alpha and the attitude sphere has been perfected. If you have any complaints, please click on the question mark icon --"

By this time, Alex's mind had started to get bored of the disembodied voice. He just wanted her to finish blabbing so he could go back and re-make his pornsona, this time with nice, rippling muscles and a large cock that would satisfy his needs.

Alex pulled back, stepping in the darkness of the simulation. Why had he just thought that? His gaze turned down to the body beneath him - the foreign tits bouncing slightly with his movements.

"Proba... probab... It's just, like, a glitch." He stated in the sultry tone, unsure why he had so much trouble finishing the first word. Smaller words were easier, less confusing. They made his head hurt less.

Another moment of realization came over Alex as a strange, warm sensation started growing from his chest. He could see a red outline of something beneath his pornsona body and it was growing to fit the extremities of the body.

He watched as his chest bulged out, expanding as his breasts plumped up and ended in large, erect nipples.

The realization of what was happening began to strike home.

"Like, oh no! I, like, don't wanna do this anymore!" he stated, his hands raising to the helmet, but unable to remove it from his head.

"Systems have detected that you are moving erratically and this may cause the process to fail, stimulants will be released to ensure your full pornsona will be complete without interruptions.

"No, stop, quit, halt, like... nnnhhh...."  Alex said as her eyes suddenly felt heavy. His simulated form fell backwards with no effect as his real body slumped in his chair. The porn bed was now beneath him and he could see two knees, spread and limp. He watched as their red outlines thinned and shrank to fit the form of the pornsona.

He felt the warmth spread through his body and as it left him, he barely gained the strength to move his hands to cup where his penis and balls used to be.

Not even a look of shock entered the pretty little Asian’s face as the numbing sensation of the relaxants took over and her mind began to cloud. Thoughts of sex, but not the same as before, filled her mind. She started to crave sex, but not the same as before. No longer did she want the woman of her dreams to lie prostrate before her and do as she commanded, now she was the one who wanted to be commanded.

The strange sensation began to lift as a voice became apparent to Alex again.

"--In the event that certain personality traits were conflicting or redundant, they will have been exchanged for a random one, for the beta test. Your selection of Nymphomaniac and Bimbo were considered duplicates, Transmorphic Entertainment will be contacted. For now, a random selection of..."

The voice trailed off for a moment as Alex sat herself up, still somewhat under the influence of the relaxant, listening to the voice like she was in some form of dream.

"-- 'Exhibitionist' Has been selected to compliment the 'Tease' choice."

"Like, ok!" Alex was about to say something else, but the thought of putting this amazing body on display filled his, no, her body with foreign sensations.

The voice returned as the entire world shifted to a white room. The voice spoke once more.

"We would like to thank you for partaking in the beta of the Real Life Simulator. The Pornsona program will close in order to allow you to explore your real life as the Pornsona you have designed. Please, enjoy yourselves, and as always, please provide feedback."

"Sure!" Alex said in excitement before wrinkling her brow, trying to understand the complex emotions that were still running through her mind was starting to give her a head ache. Her hands raised to her helmet and she plopped it off. Cascading blonde hair fell out from the helmet, blinding her for a moment.  As she looked around, she realized that Adam was standing in her doorway, looking at her in shock.

"Dude, what did you do?" Adam asked in surprise.

"Like, I know, right? Isn't this body, like, so hawt?" Alex replied as her eyes stared at Adam's face, a sultry smile spreading across her face as she subconsciously began to undress the man in her doorway.

"You didn't read the instructions?"  Adam asked, his eyes trailing down to the bra-less rack of the blonde Asian bomb-shell in front of him.

"Un-uhn. I was, uhm, like, too distr... distract... I was like, busy." Alex replied, as she scrolled her mouse to her webcam software and clicked the record button.

"Look, here's what we need to do - " Adam began before looking down at Alex, who was already lowering his pants while watching him, her rather large cleavage on display for him to see.

"What are you doing?!" Adam asked his former friend who merely placed her hands on his ass and pulled his crotch into view on the webcam.

"I'm going to show you a good time!" Alex replied with a lick of her lips, which caused Adam to rethink his friends choices and pull away from the sex-crazed blonde.

"Look, just... " Adam began to protest, but Alex had already resorted to another method of distracting the man. Her hands were down her pants and her breathing was already becoming heavy.

"Like, oh my gawd, this feels so good!" Alex said, her eyes shifting from her still buttoned and loose pants to Alex's crotch. She felt the urge to want a throbbing shaft in her pussy and she was determined to get exactly what she wanted, even if the idea was still unfavourable. At this point, her pussy was ruling her thoughts.

"Alex, y-you need to stop." Adam protested, but his former friend's hands reached forward, her nails grabbing a hold of his underwear and pants and yanking them down to reveal a penis that was obviously getting aroused by the sight before the man.

"Like, why? You're all hard and I WANT to feel a cock in me, so bad!" Alex said as she flicked her tongue across the tip of Adam's exposed head - a move that caused the man to shiver as his eyes rolled in the back of his head. Alex looked over to the recording webcam and smiled as she ran her tongue along the entire shaft. The thought of people seeing this video was driving her libido wild. She wanted to give the possible audience a show, even if she had previously not wanted to be this hot, sex-craving sex machine, right now, all she could focus on was the intense need for the outside world to know how she was going to cum.

Adam's hands rested on Alex's shoulders as he tried to regain composure. "L-look, we need to f-"

"Fuck?" Alex interrupted as she quickly inserted his cock into her mouth and gave it a juicy lick, leaving his member covered in her saliva.

"You are, like, going to fuck me like the good little slut I am, right?" She asked, teasing his cock by giving it a light kiss. Adam, at his limit, raised his hands to the back of her head and pulled her forward, onto his waiting penis.

Alex replied with a muffled giggles before pulling herself off of his cock. She wanted to finish him off and have his ejaculation caught on camera, but she wanted him to work for it.  Standing up from the chair, to a somewhat relieved Adam, Alex pressed wrapped her arms around her former friend and lept up, expertly letting her legs clasp around her to-be lover and lowering herself so her crevice gently rested on the hard shaft of Adam's crotch.

"I really should be-" Adam tried once more resisting, but his words fell short as the limber Asian that was on his cock rocked her hips, letting the head of his penis feel the moistened opening of her pussy, soft moans escaping her lips and silencing the man's objections.

"You should be what?" She teased, her hips rocking once more, making the man finally take the invitation. He pressed her down against the unmade bed and began kissing her neck, all within the lens of the webcam - which recorded in silence as Adam plunged into her womanhood while Alex coaxed him on and screamed his name in the height of passion.

When the act was done, Adam lay asleep on the tossed bed. The blonde Asian let out a satisfying sigh and crawled her way to the webcam, a smile plastered on her face as she neared the device.

"Thank you, Pornsona for this amaz-" She stopped, the word being too long to pronounce - " like, totall - " She almost had that one, but the last little bit was just too hard to remember. She'd have to keep it simple - simple was nice. "- like, this rocking hawt bod!." She said with a kiss to the lens before stopping the recording and crawling back into bed, her hand playfully patting the spent cock of her new lover. She didn't mind this new body - it was totally fun to be such a bombshell tease. She had a short thought about going back to the device and restoring something, but the process was far too complicated, maybe she'd ask Adam to help her out.
This contains graphic sexual themes nudity, strong language and ideologically sensitive material.

This is a little warning that you should always read the EULA, or at least pay attention to the warning signs. Though I think Alex is fairly happy with the turn-out, or at least, Alex is now.

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The day was long, as usual. After a long shift at work and a complete strike-out at the bar scene,
Freddy didn't really feel like doing much.  He opened the door to his apartment and sluggishly
sloped his backpack from his shoulder, dropping it wherever it had room.  

The apartment was a clean bachelor's apartment. Nothing fancy. A kitchen nook, small table and a
little office, but none of that really mattered. Right now, Freddy just wanted to grab a bite to
eat, maybe check out a dating site or two and get to bed.

Methodically, as he had done multiple times before, Freddy snagged the box of cereal from the
small cupboard and placed it on the tiny unfold-able card table. The bowl came soon after and a the
milk wasn't far behind.

He poured the cereal out quickly and the only thing that distracted him from checking his iphone
for whether or not there was an update on his facebook page was the sound of crinkling plastic.

Freddy put his phone on the table and glanced at the culprit of the sound - a small crackerjack
ring in a plastic wrap - some kind of prize for having bought the cereal.  Not thinking much of
it, Freddy turned the box around and gazed at the details of the so-called prize.

'Wishing ring' it read in large, rounded fonts with a decal of an explosion behind it. Freddy
smirked at the 'prize'. This was the kind of cereal prize he got when he was a toddler, but he
didn't have much anything else to read, so he sat down and began to crunch on his cereal as he
continued to read the back of the cereal box.

'Put this ring on your finger and you will be granted one wish a day for three days*'. Freddy gave
it mental eye-roll, but continued regardless. ''Be rich! Be famous! Be invincible!' Not one to buy
into such unrealistic claims, Freddy simply had to read the fine print.

He fully expected some kind of mumbo jumbo about it all being bogus, but the only thing written
below the asterisk was 'Lucky Wish Corp. is not responsible for property damage, loss of income,
life-altering changes or any other such possible outcomes due to the use of enclosed prize'.

It was a silly crackerjack ring, Freddy couldn't really take it seriously, but he figured it was
the one highlight of his day. Taking the package firmly, he tore open the plastic sleeve and
examined the cheap plastic ring.

A yellow band of plastic wrapped about a small black gem with the icon of a lamp on it. Freddy
smirked and put it on his pinky finger - it wasn't large enough to fit on anything else.

Chewing on his cereal, Freddy examined the ring and shrugged, what did he have to lose. He
swallows his helping of his supper and cleared his throat.

"Alright, ring." He said in the most over-the-top commanding voice he could muster, "I wish that I
had a smoking-hot, horny chick, who was ready for anything, in my bed, every night" He gave a
self-satisfied nod and watched the ring for any change - nothing.

Freddy waited a second and glanced around his silent apartment, waiting to see if anything was
going to happen and, just like the ring, nothing.

Standing himself up, Freddy yanked on the plastic ring, to remove it, but it wouldn't come. The
ring was even too small for his pinky finger and was now stuck.


He cursed out loud as he sighed and twisted the ring, still attempting to pull it off - and like
before, he had no luck in removing the crackerjack box prize.

Deciding that he'd best just get a pair of scissors and cut the blasted thing off later, Freddy
placed the cereal box back into the cupboard, the milk back into his fridge and the bowl on the

The excitement for the night was over and Freddy moved his way to the computer. He sat himself
down and began scrolling through the various sites he often frequented, intent on at least
enjoying his own company for the rest of the evening.

The night passed and the next day followed through on the same course as the night before had.  
Freddy sat patiently on the bus, waiting for himself to get home. His weary eyes glanced down at
his hand - the ring still affixed to the pinky finger.

He cursed again, this time mentally. He had forgotten all day to have cut the ring off. He sighed
and reached into his pocket to check on his iphone. The welcome screen had the time written down:
5:58 PM.

He entered his identification swipe and began checking on various other people's status updates. As
he did so, the sounds of the bus faded into obscurity, his eyes grew heavy and the world around
him became a haze.

His brown hair began to shift to a darker shade - becoming almost stark black. The normally short
and curly strands began to flow over his back, straightening into a voluminous waterfall of

Freddy saw a few strands get in his view, but he pushed them aside, figuring some chick had just
walked past or gazed over his shoulder with her hair.

His face began to change, curving his chin and jawline into a far more feminine heart-shape, his
dark brown eyes shifted and swirled into a pair of bright green eyes as his eyebrows thinned into
arched pencil-thin lines of black.

His nose pinched itself and his nostrils flared before shrinking from their semi-crooked look to a
more elegant and petite frame.

Lastly, his lips began to plump up - thin, cracked lips bulged on his face, filling out into
perfectly pouting and luscious purple curves.

To Freddy, it seemed like nothing was changing. His thumb merely scrolled through the facebook
updates as he muttered to himself about various other people's updates.

Visibly uncomfortable, Freddy adjusts his shoulders and as he did so, his neck slimmed, losing
most of what little muscle tone he had developed in his life. The cleft of his clavicle pushed
itself downward as his entire frame seemed to diminish a few inches - both vertically and

While this happened, the slouched Freddy was completely oblivious to the two mounds of flesh that
had begun to press themselves forward from his chest.  Without anything on over top his now
massive mammaries, his erect nipples were easily visible through his black shirt.

At this point, Freddy took a moment to adjust his sitting position. It felt as though his pants
were about to fall and he indiscreetly reached behind his rear to pull them up slightly, hoping no
one noticed his clandestine act.

As he sat back down, Freddy fumbled his phone and caught it, clasping both hands around his
expensive electronic social standing device. So distracted by the thought of losing his phone,
Freddy didn't even notice that his hips had flared out and his ass had plumped into an almost
unbelievable curvature.

After having recovered from the accidental slipping of his phone, Freddy bit down on his lip. He
was in the middle of getting his ride home, but his libido was starting to act up and not only was
it acting up, but he was having a hard time concentrating on anything else.

Pressing his thumb against the screen's web browser, Freddy began to type in one of his more
risque websites, hoping that no one would notice.

The site came up and Freddy could feel the excitement building within him and he was worried that
if he didn't get home soon, he would be having an incredibly hard time not being arrested for
public indecency.

Moving to slide his phone back into his pack, Freddy found himself seated on the edge of his
apartment's bed.  The world seemingly spun up about him and Freddy furrowed his brow.  

"When did-" Freddy began to speak, but stopped as an unfamiliar sound buzzed through his ears.  A
woman's voice is what he heard. He stopped and glanced out of his bedroom door.

"Hello?" He asked the darkness, seemingly at the same time as the mystery woman.  His hands
gripped the edge of his bed and he pushed himself to a standing position, but his balance was not
strong. With a girlish screech, Freddy plummeted back into the bed, face first.

The first thing to go through his head wasn't the strange sensation of his chest suddenly feeling
twice its normal size, or the fact that his pants were around his ankles - the first thought that
entered his mind was: 'I hope I get to use this tonight.'.

Panicking, Freddy sat himself - now realizing that it was herself, up in the bed and glanced down
at her large CC cup breasts. Speechless, Freddy groped one, just on the off chance that the sudden
feeling would snap her out of the hallucination, but all that returned with an alien sense of

"Oh my god! What's happening!?"

Freddy exclaimed as she knelt in the bed, one hand still squeezing on a tit.

"Well, that was your wish, wasn't it?"

Came a voice from behind the newly made woman, who instinctively turned to look in the direction
of the owner - flashing her glorious rack to the stranger.

"Who're you?!" Freddy exclaimed as her eyes took in the strange, foreign-looking person before

He was clothed in what could possibly have been described as a stolen outfit from the Aladdin
musical. Freddy didn't know at first what to make of the stranger. Her eyes followed the contour
of his muscular shape and when she realized her eyes had been staring at the man's crotch for a
good five seconds, she finally caught up to what was happening and raised a sheet of her bed to
cover her newly acquired assets.

"I'm the genie of the ring - employee of Lucky Wish and you, my lucky lady, have two wishes left!"

Freddy was confused. Not only by the sudden appearance of the man in her room, but by the odd
desire for the stranger that her body was having. Her lips wanted to caress his flesh. Her tongue
wished to run across every part of his body. Her breasts wished to be succled, held or taken by
his hands, but none was more worrying for Freddy than what his crotch was yearning for.

"Whoa, whoa, wait. This thing was real!?" She asked in a high-pitched shriek as she clamped the
cover down with her elbows and pointed to the crackerjack prize on her pinky finger.

"That is correct." Said the genie as he examined the woman. "Your first wish has turned out quite
amazing, hasn't it?"

"Amazing?!" Freddy exclaimed in an angry huff. "I didn't want to be the hot girl!" She exclaimed
in disbelief that she was actually having this conversation.

"To be precise," Began the genie as he wagged a finger at Freddy before his voice shifted to be an
exact duplicate of Freddy's original, "You are the 'smoking-hot, horny chick, who was ready for
anything, in your bed, every night'"

Freddy was speechless as the genie began to go over the wish. "You are, by current definitions,
'smoking hot'." He said as he snapped a finger and a large, full-body mirror appeared beside the
bed, aimed at Freddy's now uncovered form.

"I'd imagine by the way you are constantly biting your lips and the small amount of liquid running
down your leg, that you are quite horny."

Freddy's eyes went wide, she hadn't even felt that strange sensation due to all of the shock of
the situation. Her hand instinctively pressed against her leg and she felt the wet excretions he
spoke off. Blush flushed to her cheeks, but the genie was still talking.

The genie raised an eyebrow at the naked woman, "I take it, you are ready for 'anything?'"


Freddy blurted out in a pleading tone before she cupped her hands over her mouth, glaring at the
genie, trying to conceal the lust her body was sensing.

"And, as you can plainly see, you are in your bed, and it is currently night." The genie continued
as he pointed to a clock that read 6:02 PM.

"Now that your first is granted, what will your second be?" The genie asked, levelling his eyes at
the the green eyes of Freddy's new body.

"I want to be back to normal!" Freddy exclaimed, "You know, a guy!"

The Genie seemed hurt and sighed, "Are you sure you'd rather not experience what it feels like to
have intercourse as a woman?"

"Yes!" Freddy exclaimed again, her hands cupping over her mouth once more as she clamped her teeth
down to prevent any more words from escaping her treacherous mouth.

"If you are ready for the experience, simply wish for a lover who can satisfy you and-" The Genie
was cut off as Freddy pulled her hands from her mouth and exclaimed in the most agonizingly pleading

"I wish for a lover who can fuck me over and over again until I can't even think straight!"

The man smiled as Freddy's eyes went wide with horror at the betrayal his body had just performed.

"I can not make a person simply appear, but I can provide you what you wished for." He said as his
clothes shimmered away into nothing, revealing to Freddy's waiting form an impressive, muscled and
handsome specimen.

Freddy wanted to say no, her mouth began to speak the words, but the genie merely made a motion
for her to come closer and her body obeyed, crawling on all fours to him. His hand caressed the
back of her neck and lead her waiting mouth to his already erect member.

Hours upon hours of sexual frustration worked out as Freddy was taken in so many ways. Her orgasms
built up upon themselves, but they refused to release their hypnotic requirement of satisfaction.  
The more Freddy was repulsed by what she was requested to do, the more her body yearned to do it and the more the genie asked of her.

As the acts of love became ever more extensive, Freddy found herself releasing her dismay. She began to embrace the sensations of his throbbing cock within any part of her. Every new position raised the bar of pleasure – a bar that she had never even knew existed would be discovered whenever her lover requested another lewd act, pushing her to the heights of passion as he continued to please her and her him.

As the sensation of yearning lust finally began to subside, the Freddy lay on her stomach,
the genie still within her as he continued to provide her with stimulation. Never had Freddy
experienced so much repulsion and utter bliss than for those hours.  

Her body, covered in sweat, ached all over. Her insides, if they could speak, would be humming a
glorious tune. The genie had fulfilled the wish and as she felt his final release within her, the
last bit of her lust faded into the numbing glee of satisfaction.  

She could barely move without her vagina quivering with joy over the several acts that had been
performed to it.  The genie stood over the collapsed Freddy and crossed his arms.

"I have done as you wished. I will now go."

Freddy tried to raised a hand to the genie but all she could do was move it a few inches. The
woman glanced up and sighed, still in the throws of passion.

"I wish you didn't have to."  She said, not even caring about the words that had escaped her lips.  

The genie gave a coy smile, nodded to Freddy and carefully climbed over her, to spoon with his
exhausted lover.

"Your wish is granted. Tomorrow night, we shall try a few of my favourite positions."

Freddy's eyes opened a little wider and as they focused on the clock, the time 12:01 blinked at
her before her mind fuzzed over and she passed out in complete bliss.
Crackerjack Prize
A story of Freddy, who got more than what he wished for.

Contains the following:

Strong Sexual themes,
Strong language
Ideologically sensitive material
Transgender transformation
Mental changes




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